Dynamic Document Management

enables instant flow through of checks and records data in reportable format and captures all sign offs through the signature capture.

IT Job Communities - inclood Portal

Is a break through system that DCFM have been developing in conjunction with IT Global, with a view to break down the current barriers in how jobs are run throughout the industry. The unique technology, on and offline capability and workflow design is yet to be introduced to the industry at this capacity. It introduces integrated labour efficiency, compliance & international and AU / NZ standard document and risk and quality management



Providing ground-breaking enterprise and mobility solutions to the construction and maintenance industry.







The system promises consistency, reliability, transparency and productivity gains which will be realized through the exponential flow through of the ‘Job Community’ consisting of all stakeholders from clients and contractors to the technicians on the ground.

Proof of delivery


Documentation including time on site, before and after photos for each attendance, safety sheet, client sign off GPS location / time verification and on line visual map location

Imagine visibility of your assets and 

mobile workforce...